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Fujin Technologies is an Authorized DynoJet Tuning Facility and tunes all makes and models of motorcycles. We leverage our DynoJet 250 combined with decades of championship engine building experience to provide the highest quality custom tune available.

Please read our "Not All Tuners Are Equal" article for a more in-depth lens on our dyno philosophy, capabilities, and offerings.

Fujin Dyno FAQ's

How much does a custom dyno tune cost?

Custom dyno tuning starts at $400 but not all bikes are the same so there is not general price for a custom dyno tune. It really just depends on how much time it takes to properly tune your machine.

Wow, that’s expensive! Why does it cost so much?

We spend a lot of time at lower RPM’s to increase driveability & efficiency. We don’t just tune for wide open throttle so it can be time consuming to work through the entire powerband.

What if I just want to see how much HP my motorcycle makes?

If you’re not ready for a complete custom tune we always offer 3 pulls w/ AFR graph for $75 on any motorcycle. If after 3 pulls your motorcycle is still increasing in power, we will continue until power drops off. We also offer a discount if you get baselines and then return for a custom tune.

When can I schedule a custom dyno tune?

Due to the amount of time it takes to properly tune a motorcycle, we only schedule a limited number of customers. We value your time and want to allocate enough resources to properly tune your motorcycle therefore we do not have a ‘first come first served’ dyno policy.

  • Please contact info@fujintechnologies.com to see when our next appointments are available.

What if it rains?

Although we do not dyno some applications while it’s raining, we do not cancel scheduled dyno appointments just because it’s wet outside. The reason is most bikes will be ridden in the rain and there are correction factors that account for increased humidity in the software. We all know Texas weather can be unpredictable at times so we try to monitor the severe weather situations as best we can.

Can I rent out dyno time so I can tune my own bike?
Absolutely. Weather you want to load different maps from the internet on your bike and makes pulls or you have your own EFI system and prefer to tune it yourself, our dyno is available without our tuning services. The cost is $150/ hour and we are able to offer more flexibility on scheduling with this option.

House Rules for dyno tuning sessions

  • Our DynoJet is hungry for rubber and your rear motorcycle tire must be appropriate. If you have a slick, it most likely will not pass your next tech after a dyno session. For safety concerns, we will not dyno, or continue to dyno, if your rear tire is showing cords. Please make sure that your rear tire is appropriate before bringing your motorcycle.

  • Please remove ALL available plastics that allow access to the ECU and coil wires BEFORE arrival. If you are riding your bike to the shop, please be prepared to do so when you get here (you can use our tools) but for obvious reasons we prefer not to do so. If you don't know how to remove your plastics, please let us know in advance and we'll discuss with you how we can help

  • Custom graphs will be provided upon customer request when tuning is complete

  • We do dyno motocross bikes but you must have a street tire installed, no knobbies

  • We are primarily a machine shop that utilizes our dyno for many purposes. Aside from the liability and safety concerns, tuning is an art and the less distractions we have, the more attention we can focus on your machine. Of course, you are welcome to take pictures and videos of baselines or WOT pulls but ALL customers should plan on dropping off their motorcycle for a minimum of 3 hours. We are working on creating a customer lounge in the near future but at this time, customers are not allowed to stay with their motorcycles while being tuned. We apologize in advance and appreciate your understanding.
For any other questions, or to setup a dyno appointment, please email us at


    Some of the major manufactures we work with are:
    • Ducati
    • Yamaha
    • Suzuki
    • Honda
    • BMW
    • Aprilla
    • Harley Davidson

    • This Ducati 1299 Superleggera with carbon fiber frame is an incredible machine

      ^Gaining 26+HP in the mid range on the KTM Superduke R is why we tune for every throttle position at Fujin

      This ZX14 had no other modifications other then a custom Fujin dyno tune to gain +12 peak HP & +22 mid range HP while maintaining perfect target AFR

    Contact Fujin to discuss your custom dyno tune today!