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Hoedar ECU

Hoedar ECU

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Availability:: 10-12 Business Days from Order to delivery
Product Code: HOEDAR

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The Hoedar ECU is a direct replacement for the OEM Grom ECU and provides full control of essential engine functions
  • If you want full control over your Grom engine you have found your solution!

    • Virtually plug & play with Grom harness, gauges, sensors, etc.
      • Plugs into OEM Grom harness!
      • Only need to solder in 1 wire!
    • AutoTune
    • Data Logging
    • Works with stock 02 sensor or wideband
    • Full control over ignition timing, including retard
    • Full control over fuel mapping
    • Cold Start adjustments
    • Adjustments for big bore or stroker engines
    • Avaiable MAP sensor can either
      • Adjust for altitude variance
        • Add fuel and retard timing under boost
      • Programmable rev limit
        • No extra expensive proprietary cable to change rev limit required!

      ^Control Dashboard for Hoedar monitors all essential engine functions

      ^This Grom engine has stable ignition timing at WOT while the ECU adjusts for boost pressure through the MAP sensor

      ^These 2 data logs are from the same time frame. The logger allows you to select different options such as flywheel tooth count, battery voltage & injector duty cycle in addition to the regular suspects you would expect to see on an ECU.

      ^Fully Programmable Timing map

      ^Fully programmable fuel map